Farther out of nowhere

How will I get farther out of nowhere?

It takes 30-40 minutes to fly with Air Iceland.  There are two flights a day to Isafjordur from Reykjavik, and more often if necessary.  You can book a ticket on the company’s website.

You can drive, but it takes ten times longer than flying.  There are two ways to choose. The most popular route is through Dali, Þröskulda and Isafjarðardjúp (455 km).  The alternative is through Dali and Dynjandisheiði (455 km).   The first is fully paved, but the latter route is mainly gravel roads.  It can be assumed that it will take about 5 hours to drive from Reykjavik to Isafjordur.
Get a ride! On the Web samferda.net is an easy  way to get in touch with people who are on the same path as you.  Makes the ride both enjoyable, and less money on gas.




Færðu inn athugasemd

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